one pot dish

One Pot Dish

Weekdays are usually not the days for me to be making complicated dishes.  Oh, who am I kidding? No day is a good day for making a complicated dish. I like the idea of having protein, vegetables and carb in one pot dish. One pot to stir and wash, easy peasy. You just need to gather some type of protein, green vegetable, starchy carb (preferably from the nature not the box), onion and tomatoes. Continue reading

Cut pork belly

Crunchy Pork Belly

This crunchy pork belly takes a little bit of planning to make.  Most of the work involved is to be done before the marinating process. This is ideal if you are preparing the pork belly for the next day or at least 6 hours before your meal.

I like to make this dish when I know everybody will be eating at the same time, because the crunchy pork belly tastes the best when consumed immediately. There won’t be left over no matter how big the belly is.

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sliced pumpkin pie

Easy Pumpkin Pie

Remember the flourless pie crust from an earlier post? Yes, this recipe goes in that crust. Even though there are a little more than 5 ingredients to make this easy pumpkin pie from start to finish, it is still a fairly simple process.  This will be a great addition to your Thanksgiving dinner menu. You can serve this to your overly health conscious family that’s always questioning what’s in their food (oh, that sound’s a lot like me).

Happy Thanksgiving!

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pie crust

Flourless Pie Crust

When people find out that I’m making pie they usually assume that I love baking, cleaning and organizing. In reality, my situation is a little different.

I make pies because I can’t ignore my kids’ request of pumpkin pie anymore and stores don’t sell pie that does not loaded with insane amount of sugar.

It’s like how they said necessity is the mother of invention, in my case, necessity is the mother of home made pie.  Check out how I made a flourless pie crust.

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Battles of the coffee makers

The Battle of the Coffee Makers

Before I say (or write) anything about coffee, I want to make it clear that I’m in no way a coffee snob. I like coffee but I don’t have extensive knowledge about coffee. Sure, I can tell the difference between good coffee and bad coffee but that’s about it.

I drink coffee fairly often, not daily, but often enough that I want to be able to make it myself.  However, I don’t like the idea of buying another huge appliance for the kitchen that can only do one thing (hint: just making coffee).

In this post I will be comparing 3 different manual coffee makers: The French Press, The Vietnamese Phin and The Italian Moka Pot.

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steamed chicken with sesame sauce

Steamed Chicken with Sesame sauce

I like cooking meat with bones.  Fall and winter are the perfect season for this, since cooking with bone often translates to hot steaming dishes.  I prefer chicken drumsticks for making this steamed chicken with sesame sauce, because they are the perfect size and easy to grab for the kids. The dark meat is also more tender and easy to chew compared to the white meat. Cooking with bony meat also means taking out the pressure cooker. Using a pressure cooker helps in creating tender meat, extra rich broth while retaining the most nutrients in short cooking time. Continue reading

pork belly and dried pickled mustard

Pork Belly and Dried Pickled Mustard

For some people comfort food is mac and cheese, for me it is pork belly and dried pickled mustard.  Eating this reminds me of when I still lived at home, when I didn’t have to worry about what to make for dinner and my afternoons were filled with naps. The joys of being a kid.

I haven’t made this dish very often since I couldn’t find the dried pickled mustard for the longest time.  Actually, I didn’t know what it was called in english and just assumed that we don’t have it here. One day, when I was not grocery shopping in a hurry, I scoured the aisles of the asian store and found it!

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Power Snack Balls Ready to Eat

Power Snack Balls

After-school activities have begun for my kids.  Since the after-school activities finish close to 5pm, I don’t want the kids to be hungry.  They also don’t have much time beforehand to have a leisurely snack time. This means that I have to start packing them after-school snacks (in addition to their lunch). So, I have to pack them something that they can eat quickly, easily and preferably is nutritious. (It will be a bonus if it actually tastes good). During the summer, I made power snack balls to see whether my kids like them or not. It turned out that they do. Therefore, I’ll be packing these for their school snacks. Continue reading

serving bacon liver skewers

Chicken Liver Bacon Skewer

I ate a lot of unusual food growing up in Indonesia. To me, it was just food.  I won’t mention the things that I ate here, just because I want to keep this blog family friendly. When I moved to the States, I noticed that most people only eat beef, pork, chicken and some seafood (very standard seafood I might add) while organ meats are considered gross.

Fortunately, nowadays with the real whole foods movement, people are embracing and acknowledging the health benefits of organ meats. Therefore, I get to enjoy some of my childhood’s favorite dishes again and actually have good reasons for it.

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anchovies crusted fish fillet with sautéed greens

Anchovies Crusted Fish Fillet

It was already 5 pm and I still didn’t have any idea what to make for dinner. I already knew it was going to be fish, given that I have not defrosted anything and fish will be the fastest option. Since I cook fish very often, I wanted to season it in a different way so that my kids will not be sick of fish.

I thought it would be interesting to make anchovies crusted fish fillet. You can’t go wrong with fish covered with fish right? Wait, what?!

Anyway, to balance out all the saltiness from the anchovies, I added a little sugar to it.

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